Accessing Care

Early Intervention Program (Ages birth-3)

The Early Intervention Program (EIP) is a public program available for children under the age of three who are either suspected of having, or at risk for, developmental delays or disabilities.
All Early Intervention Services are provided at no cost to parents. The EIP is funded and regulated by New York State and county governments. Health insurance may be used by the EIP for approved services for reimbursement. Health insurance, however, is not required to participate in the EIP.

To qualify, children must participate in a comprehensive multidisciplinary evaluation to determine eligibility status in the EIP as defined by New York State regulations. The multidisciplinary evaluation looks at the following areas of development: physical, cognitive, communication, social-emotional, and adaptive.

Building Blocks is a New York State approved EIP provider. We are approved in Oneida, Herkimer, Madison, and Otsego Counties to provide the following services:

  • Multidisciplinary Evaluations
  • Supplemental Evaluations
  • Service Coordination Services
  • Speech Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Special Instruction
  • Group Therapy
  • Parent-Child Groups
  • Family/Caregiver Support Groups
EIP and how to participate
Please contact Building Blocks for information regarding the services we offer through EIP and how to participate or contact your local County Health Department for more information.

Preschool CPSE Program (ages 3-5)

Preschool CPSE Program (ages 3-5)

The Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) is a program that provides services to children from 3-5 years of age, who have, or are at risk of having, a developmental delay or disability. Services are provided at no cost to the family of eligible children. CPSE programs are funded and regulated by the NYS Education Department.

Typically children of preschool age have learned many skills that help them to negotiate their environment and relate well to the people around them. Preschoolers commonly enjoy listening, talking, running and playing with others. If you're not content with your child's progress in developing these skills, and your child is between the ages of 3 to 5 years old, you can refer your child to the CPSE.

Building Blocks CPSE program offers services designed to maximize the full potential of each child. Parents and family members are encouraged to participate in partnership with the therapists and educational staff to enhance each child's development. Building Blocks is approved through the New York State Education Department to provide the following services to children in the CPSE program:

  • Speech Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
Please contact Building Blocks for information regarding how to participate in the CPSE Program and the Preschool Related Services we offer or contact your home school district CPSE office.

Private Consultation

Building Blocks recognizes the need to provide services for individuals and their caretakers regardless of their qualification through insurance or state programs. Building Blocks offers services committed to fostering independence in both typically developing individuals, as well as individuals with delays or disabilities. These services include:

  • Speech Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Feeding Therapy
  • Academic Consultation
  • Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy
Services can be provided in the home as well as on-site in schools, day cares, community settings, etc. Consultation services are customized to the need of the individual, family and staff. Package rates are available and can be tailored to meet individual needs. Please contact Building Blocks for more information.


Building Blocks currently participates with the following Third Party Administrators and Insurance Carriers*:



*Awaiting approval from other carriers at this time

Why Building Blocks

Building Blocks believes in three key factors, which are fundamental to the therapeutic process.

  1. Individualism.
    It is our goal to learn as much as possible about each client and their family to provide a successful, individualized, holistic approach.
  2. Collaboration.
    Our therapy professionals, clients, and client's family work together in developing and executing a plan. The collaboration between all team members is vital for carrying out a successful plan.
  3. Environment.
    We are inspired by a person's natural environment and the positive effect it has on working toward an individual's goals. Services can occur in your home, at a playground, daycare, school, grocery store, or in our office. The possibilities are endless to creating an ideal experience.