Care Management

Care Management

Welcome to Building Blocks!

Established in 2004, Building Blocks is a multi-service developmental and educational organization founded on the principle of helping children and adults reach their greatest potential. We are comprised of therapy and educational professionals with a united focus on offering the highest level of care.

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Professionals from Building Blocks can unlock the true potential of you or your loved one

Are you searching for therapeutic or educational help to improve your life? Are you looking for help for a loved one? Whether you're seeking help for yourself or a loved one, you can find the support you need at Building Blocks.

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Applied Behavior Analysis is a type of therapy that's often recommended for people with autism spectrum disorder. We use it to help people change behavior that causes difficulty in their lives. Schedule services for yourself, a child or an adult at our multi-service developmental and educational organization.

Why choose Building Blocks?

It's a big decision to trust anyone with the health of you or your loved one, but we're confident that our staff can help. We're therapeutic and educational professionals who have been helping people reach their potential since opening our doors in 2004. Call 800-853-6104 now to speak with a supportive care provider.

Find out about our unique approach

At Building Blocks, we believe that individualism, collaboration and environment are all key to success in treatment. When you or a loved one participates in treatment, you'll get the personalized care you deserve. You'll benefit from collaboration between different professionals invested in your care. Plus, you'll receive services in an environment comfortable for you, whether that's our office, your home or a public location.

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