About Us

About Us

Company Profile

Since 2004, Building Blocks has been the leading multi-service developmental and educational organization in New York State with a united focus on helping people reach their individual goals. Building Blocks aids clients of all ages and provides our services at homes, schools, facilities, designated community centers or right at our facilities. Our services extend to over 39 Counties in New York State, contact us to see if we can assist you with your needs.

At Building Blocks we are committed to our mission of improving individual and family development while maintaining a supreme level of care. Much of Building Blocks' success is attributed to our resilient quality assurance program (QAP). QAP is chaired with representatives from each specialty who continually communicate to their colleagues the updates from state health department regulations, education laws, licensure board requirements, best practices, Medicaid compliance and much more.

With a focus to ensure adherence to both regulatory and internal policies, Building Blocks professionals are prepared to meet and exceed your expectations.

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Mission Statement

To make a difference in the lives of individuals and families

Why Building Blocks

Building Blocks believes in three key factors, which are fundamental to the therapeutic process.

  1. Individualism.
    It is our goal to learn as much as possible about each client and their family to provide a successful, individualized, holistic approach.
  2. Collaboration.
    Our therapy professionals, clients, and client's family work together in developing and executing a plan. The collaboration between all team members is vital for carrying out a successful plan.
  3. Environment.
    We are inspired by a person’s natural environment and the positive effect it has on working toward an individual’s goals. Services can occur in your home, at a playground, daycare, school, grocery store, or in our office. The possibilities are endless to creating an ideal experience.